How to choose the best food for breastfeeding mothers

Let us graze through most effective ways to improve the milk production while not compromising your taste buds.

  1. Dates: This Persian wonder is very rich in Carbs, Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B, calcium etc. Research studies show that dates help to promote lactation in breastfeeding mothers. Dates with breakfast will be a better option to increase the prolactin, a precursor hormone that helps in milk production.
  2. Apricots: Loaded up with vitamin A, C, and other essentials minerals is a good choice to enhance the prolactin production like on dates. It will be a great addon with fruit salad, but can be consumed as such during breakfast or as a mid-day meal.
  3. Oatmeal: This would be a perfect alternative for breakfast, rich in Iron, Vitamin B-6, A and other essential minerals. Whole grain oats will be the right choice, but you can go for multigrain one too. It is advised to avoid instant oats as they contain preservatives and additives.
  4. Salmon: You may not have expected this non-veggie in the list, but yes salmon is a great choice for lactating mothers. They are one of the cheap source of protein with an added scoop of advantage, the DHA which is very important in the development of brain health.
  5. Mothers Cookie: This ain’t your child’s favorite one but a special recipe preparation focused for lactating mothers. It contains all necessary vital nutrients that she needs during lactation phase. Since it’s a custom choice the commercial availability is limited, still a great choice for home baking. You can refer the recipes on sites like Firstcry which features the recipes shared by fellow mothers and grand mothers which might prove healthy.
  6. Spinach: It is the powerhouse of vitamin A with the richness of vitamin C, Iron, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber. During the lactation phase, a mother requires multi minerals in elevated quantity inorder to satisfy her energy needs. Raw leaf is the best, but if the taste makes you sick, it’s okay to take them with a salad.
  7. Brown Rice: It may not seem very elegant like others on the list, but is a great choice like our oatmeal, but limited in mineral strength other than added magnesium. They help you maintain a steady glucose level, without much trouble. If you feel lazy to cook raw rice then go for the instant one, which ain’t very poor compared to the raw version.
  8. Beans: When we say beans it constitutes a large collection of seeds from the family Fabaceae, loaded up with high-quality dietary fibers which constitute almost 64% of required daily value. They will good a great job aiding your digestion process as well as improve absorption.
  9. Yogurt: This protein power house will be a great option for breast feeding mothers, but make sure that she is not lactose intolerant. Add on nutrition info’s include calcium, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium and other minerals.
  10. Water: Though this guy is odd one in this list, it has its own advantage inside our system. The human body is 85% made of water, so extra water will only do good. Breast feeding mothers should drink more than average to keep their body hydrated as well as to ensure a good nutrient flow to the mammary glands to make sure that milk is loaded up.

How To Improve Lovemaking For Pleasure

Antidepressants, blood pressure cures, contraceptives and certain painkillers can be the key cause for wrecked conjugal lives. Studies find stress can be a major cause for poor libido as it produces cortisol which further produces prolactin that is termed ‘celibacy chemical’ as it is normally produced in breastfeeding women. Post menopause women have poor conjugal life because the body tissues suffer from aging that results in dryness of tissues and love life can become painful. Poor endocrine functioning resulting in irregular monthly flow are other causes for lacklustre conjugal life. These kinds of medical situations, poor lifestyle or eating habits and poor understanding in partnership can result in low drive and painful conditions which can be effectively cured by taking the right treatment provided by ayurvedic remedies to increase libido which helps to reinstall energy in tissues and improve lovemaking pleasure in the safest natural ways.

Studies show once a woman loses interest in getting physical in a relationship; it can become a vicious circle where she may find it difficult to be convinced to get completely involved in it. In addition, with aging, T declines dramatically and the tissues loose moisture and strength.

Normally testosterone is linked to male energy and power but it is required in women for the same reason i.e. to have confidence and energy to initiate and actively participate in lovemaking. Women suffering from general weakness and low energy problem may be suffering from poor testosterone flow in the body while taking synthetic T can cause side effects. Herbal cures help in such situations. Poor T flow in body can be cured by taking ayurvedic supplements to improve sex drive such as Lady Fire capsules that contain ingredients such as Safed Musli, Kali Musli, Vidarikand, Shatavari, Ashwagandha and a number of bhasmas. The bhasmas are prepared in a way to create micro particles of certain minerals that helps to prevent deficiencies and enhance energy levels in body. The T levels are significantly improved and overall attitude towards conjugal life and lovemaking changes.

Ayurvedic supplements to improve sex drive can improve lovemaking pleasure by enhancing physical energies and by helping in developing positive attitude. The problem of stress and depression is reduced when the herbs are taken in the right ratio as provided by the pills. These pills can be taken twice a day to improve lovemaking pleasure. It works naturally without any addictive effects and the pills show results even after discontinuation.

A number of medical experts have dismissive attitude towards the problem of low desire and inefficiency in lovemaking, in women, although the problem is very common and many women feel hopeless in their lives due to female debility that disapprovingly effects conjugal life and causes misunderstanding. This is not considered to be serious issue although it can also affect mental health of the person. Ayurvedic supplements to improve sex drive helps because it improves blood flow to the reproductive organs to improve lovemaking pleasure. Herbs can help to get back the same excitement and transform love life completely for better.


Tips to have a Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant with twin babies can be extremely exciting for a couple. It becomes all the more elating if the couple has conceived through an infertility treatment instead of getting pregnant normally as at a stage where they could not even have a single baby, they are having twins!

However, a multiple pregnancy is amongst the riskiest forms of pregnancies. There are much higher chances of loss of pregnancy or miscarriage apart from the array of adverse effects it could have on the health of the mother.

But the good news is that there are ways by which one can ensure that they themselves and their pregnancy is healthy, as asserted by IVF doctors from the best test tube baby hospitals in Delhi.

Following the below mentioned tips can help women pregnant with twins maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy tremendously-

1. Check what and how much you eat:

Mothers-to-be are bombarded with suggestions regarding their diet. Some recommend eating twice the amount of food they ate before getting pregnant, while some say that they must eat less spicy or “hot” food and more. When it comes to singleton babies, eating for two is unnecessary. According to IVF specialists in Delhi, a pregnancy with a single baby requires not more than 300 kcal (kilo calories) extra in the mother’s diet.  Nevertheless, when a woman is pregnant with twins or more, then the food consumption must increase to at least 3,500 kcal in totality. In such a case, the mother must eat enough to promote the normal growth of her child. Hence, maintaining a steady weight while eating according to the baby’s demands helps in the maintenance of one’s pregnancy greatly.

2. Do not panic:

The women pregnant with twins are scared to death with horror stories, high risk factors and much more regarding twin pregnancy that they get to know about from several sources. These poor women spend their days panicking and being immensely anxious rather than relaxing and being positive. Yes, there are greater risks with a twin pregnancy. But there are also equal chances of delivering healthy and beautiful babies. A plethora of women have successfully done that over the numerous years of humanity. Pregnant women must stay affirmative and gather knowledge about twin pregnancy from reliable and trustworthy sources that would imbue in them practical and realistic knowledge rather than exaggerated nightmarish risk factors. They must remain in contact with an efficient practitioner as well as an obstetrician who can guide them through pregnancy related complications and troubles.

3. Rest is very important:

There is no doubt that pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body from all perspectives. This strain in multiplied in a multiple pregnancy. This also means that the requirement of rest and relaxation increases even more. Hence, women pregnant with twins must make it a point to take time out of their busy schedules to take rest for at least 30 minutes. One can lie down on the bed and straighten their back, read their favorite book, listen to relaxing music, look at old pictures or indulge in a hobby that makes them happy and helps them unwind.


How to get relief from your aching feet

Following a hectic day, it is pleasant to have the capacity to sit or lay and unwind. In the event that you have been on your feet throughout the day, your leg and feet muscles are drained and exhausted. In the event that you have been practicing with incredible recurrence or effort, the greater part of your muscles are tight and sore. An unwinding leg massage might be exactly what you have to extricate up and recover your muscles into working request.

Your aching feet needs care

You don’t in any case need to pay an authorized massage advisor so as to feel better. You can give yourself a massage concentrated on your legs and feet by buying a massage ball that are easily available online. It essentially takes a couple of minutes and learning of some key pressure points to all together feel restored and revived.

Some regulated directions to get an unwinding leg massage:

1. Take after the shape of your leg with both hands. Make sure to apply pressure, with one hand on the outside of the leg and the other within. Start with the foot and work your way up to your thigh. Observe weaknesses and work those muscles with consideration. Rehash this movement a few times, no less than five.

2. While rubbing your thigh, give careful consideration to the huge muscle bunch. Work the muscles with consideration. This movement will get blood flowing to this zone of the leg so that the drained muscles can heal.

3. Exchanging hands, solidly stroke the thigh starting with simply over the knee.

4. With a held clench hand in both hands, utilize your knuckles to massage your upper thigh. In the event that you have been sitting for a drawn out stretch of time, this will circle blood stream and make your legs feel rested.

5. The whole range of the knee can likewise be massaged alongside your leg massage. Delicately with your fingertips, massage your knee in a little round movement.

6. With both hands, fix your calf muscle far from the leg bone and release. Do this same movement over and again until it feels casual and free.

Massage therapy is the best option to get a healthy foot.

You might need to fuse a massage ball or other device to apply significantly more pressure. Make sure to listen to your body when giving yourself a leg massage and know when to sop and not overdo the massage therapy for perfect relaxation.


Know That Abortion Become More Common For A Planned Family

Ending of pregnancy with removing the embryos or fetus before it survives in the uterus is called as the Abortion. Natural Abortion is called as the miscarriage that occurs mostly in the unhealthy embryos or fetus. The Abortion could be caused by purposely which is called as the Induced Abortion or the Less Frequently induced miscarriage. The name abortion is useful for inducing the abortion with the similar procedure before the fetus survives and the procedure is called as the “Late Termination of Pregnancy”. A report suggests that there are more than 56 millions of Abortions takes place every year around the world and under half done cases are unsafe. Causes for abortion could be of anything that includes birth control, Planned Parenthood, miscarriage and many more. Almost 40% of the world’s women are accessing the legal abortion without any limits and the ration keeps on rising. Countries that are permitting the abortion have different limits about the period of late pregnancy abortion allowed. Choosing the best abortion clinics in Mumbai is important for getting the safe procedures of treating the abortion and it would be useful for health benefits.

Reasons For Abortion:

Women choose the Abortion procedures for various reasons that also includes the Contraceptive failure. It is the most common reasons to choose the abortion and more than half women are accessing the abortion clinics in Mumbai for contraceptive reasons during the months they became pregnant. Some women who do not have the support or care for the child are also cited for the choosing the abortion. Numerous medical reasons are also there for the abortion but they are not common that lead to the difficult choice for pregnant woman. Women having the serious medical problem that could also mean the risk of injury or death also choose the abortion for preventing the birth of a child. It is said that all the child must be a wanted or cared child. Although abortion or killing a child in its womb is apart from nature and religious belief, most people choose the planning of abortion due to the inconvenience to raise a child under certain circumstances that could be physical, physiological or financial. Abortion is also legally provided with the legal permits and the abortion must be done within 20 weeks of pregnancy. Although many women can successfully carry pregnancy without any risk for their health and health of baby, some medical conditions could lead to make difficult decisions to have a healthy baby. When a woman is facing pregnancy in circumstances that includes Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders, HIV, AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases then it could lead to complicated situations of pregnancy. Abortions are also done for preserving the mental health of mother under any conditions. Longer the hormonal birth control of a woman, it would lower the Ovarian and Endometrial cancer as these are the top killers of women.

When Doctors Agree To Abortion?

In India, Abortions are legal and it would be under several terms and conditions so that it is necessary to consult the doctor when you are preparing for the abortion. There are many number of abortion clinics in Mumbai available but it is necessary to consult the doctors who have more experience in the treatment. Doctors agree to the terms of abortion act only when they believe that they learns that

  • The pregnancy would involve in more risk of mental or physical health
  • The pregnancy involves in greater risk for the life of both child and mother
  • Existing children of yours would likely to suffer when pregnancy continues
  • Substantial risk for the child that it would be seriously handicapped or deformed

Tips for Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital

When your pregnancy is confirmed, it is necessary to plan for choosing the best maternity hospitals that offers various services in the excellent manner. Safety of our newborn child is most important so that it is necessary to plan everything perfectly. There are many reasons to choose the best maternity hospitals in the city for our pregnancy delivery. The hospital that you choose will probably points out to the doctor so that it is necessary to get the doctors consultation instantly. Most people choose the hospital and then they find gynaecologist or obstetrician in the hospital whilst others chooses gynaecologist first. Normally, most of the gynaecologists will be affiliated to a maternity hospital and often the obstetricians are affiliated to several hospitals. Choosing the right hospital having many facilities are important so that it is quite useful to make sure our child is safe. Both the obstetrician and hospital for your delivery is most important so that they aids in the emergency situations.

Qualified Maternity Hospital:

One of the biggest concern for finding the right hospital is that whether the new born baby will be well looked after birth. There are also many things to consider based on the facilities available in the hospital for any kind of emergency. Choosing the maternity hospitals with higher reputation would be a right choice so that they have the expert doctors, support staff and offer the quality services. Having the feedback about the maternity hospital would be important for the selecting the hospital and it is quite useful to get all the facilities. Some doctors and nurses offer their service with love and care so that it is quite useful for the child and mother. Finding about the reputation of the hospital is most important and it is convenient to look in their official websites. Having a good idea of background about the medical staff, facilities offered, financial backing and many more, it would be easier for choosing the best maternity hospitals. Normally the maternity hospitals must have various facilities that include comfortable bed, safe cribs or baby beds, delivery ward, neonatal intensive care unit, obstetric surgery unitand many more safety precautions. The hospital with high ranking usually have the qualified doctors, nurse, staffs and many more for providing proper care for the patient.

Caring Staffs:

The Maternity Hospital is the hospital that is specialized in caring for the women who are pregnant as well as in childbirth. The maternity hospitals provide appropriate care for the newborn infants in the extensive manner. Normally, a Hospital could only be good when it offers the good medical staff for the patients to get good facilities. The Doctors and Nurses attends to the patient instantly in the ward so there is no need to worry. Apart from other Maternity Hospitals, all the patients are monitored completely with high tech medical systems and security devices. The safety of the patients both mother and child is important and they are given a loving care to the maximum. Normally Love and Care is a good medicine for a patient so the doctors and nurse handle the patients in the best manner. Before choosing the hospital, it would be useful to take a tour around the hospital and observe the medical staffs like obstetrician, nurses, paediatrician and others. The staffs also help you to gain more confidence as well as comfort level in the ward. Each and every baby is handled with care and the management makes sure that the infants are handled with much care.


Best Clinic For Women Healthcare

Women HealthcareNot many women know where to find a complete healthcare for women when they have a problem or query relates to women’s healthcare. Since women involve a special touch, they do not want to go to a clinic that caters to both men as well as women.

In addition, instead of see just any doctor to work at this time, many women prefer to pick only one doctor. Thus, you would be better to find a women’s health care clinic for your complete healthcare for women. In this manner, you’ll always be treated with the attention and care that you, as a woman, deserve.

Find Your Doctor

Once you find a clinic that can provide your complete healthcare for women, please ensure you are very comfortable with the doctor. Whether the doctor is a man or a woman, you have to always feel completely comfortable regardless of procedures he or she is performing on you.

What’s more, your doctor has to not only known how to perform comprehensive health care for women, but also be able to make you feel very comfortable. You can request another doctor whenever you don’t feel comfort with your current doctor as it is your right as a patient.


If you do have insurance, and the clinic you like does not take your insurance, change insurance companies or find another clinic that accepts your insurance. It’s as simple as that.

Feel More Comfortable

After you get the perfect clinic and doctor, you feel that the complete healthcare for women you take will worth your money. You are taken care of by a friendly as well as caring staff and treated by a good doctor who knows how to provide comprehensive health care for women.

While men and women are not all that different physiologically there is a difference in what is considered attractive and what women want to get out of a workout routine. This article will provide a quick but complete review of Visual Impact For Women.

It will go through what is contained in the workout program and the results you can expect to achieve when you follow the program.

Now that you know what to expect in the program here is what you can expect it to do for you. The program is designed to help women get a trim toned body achieve a lean, sexy, athletic looking body

Women’s Dieting Strategies

No workout program is complete or useful without a good diet or meal plan. Because exercise alone is not going to get the results you are looking for.

In the main manual three chapters are over diet, nutrition, and meal plans. He goes through a few dieting problems women have and describes why traditional diets don’t work. From there he outlines…

  • nutritional strategies
  • daily calorie recommendations
  • car, fat, and protein recommendations
  • effective meal frequencies for the best results

Every Women is Slightly Different

There are chapters devoted to workout routines for women for effective fat burning cardio workouts and how your weight training routine fits into the mix for the best results.

The program is setup to allow you to customize it to fit your needs. The entire program is revolves around you. There are many ways to get that lean sexy look and you are able to select the best option that fits your lifestyle.

As an added bonus the last two chapters have been dedicated to setting up a home gym and workout routines you can do from home. Because many women do not have the time or the desire to workout in a commercial gym setting. The exercise demonstrations manual included is essential and makes following the program that much easier.


Tips for Get Rid of Love Problem Solution

 Astrology is the science of the nine planets and it affects the entire life of a man. These days astrology is being used for making business and carrier life successfuland also to solve love problems. Love is only way with the help of which we can remove the differences of caste, colour etc. It brings a lot of joy and happiness which has the power to avoid all the discrepancies from life. Nobody can lead his life without his lover. It is very difficult for a true lover to live without their life. A man who is in love does not want to justify his/ her lover with caste. When a man does not get his true love, his life became just like a hell. He makes every effort to get his love.Love marriageshave become the common topic in the world

.Love Problem Solution  Every lover wants to get married with whom he loved at every cost. But due to having old thoughts, some people believe that there should be no love before marriage and they don’t believe in love marriage as they think that love marriage cannot be successful in life. Love is the only reason of happiness, sorrows, likes and dislikes and also to make it adventurous. Love has also the power to feel you of heaven. The love feeling can change drastically and can feel with positivity if everything is going right and if there is separation in love life, the life became full of distress and worries. If there is separation of love, nothing seems to be good in life and many other problems may also enter in life. Every problem has its solution and it can give a new direction to life. The lovers who get their love are the luckiest person in this world. It is very difficult task to keep that relation forever like a strong bond. However, if there is understanding, compatibility, faith, cares for each other nothing can happen adverse. But if there are troubles in love life then astrology is here.

       Now we discuss about love problems solutions by astrologer in Delhi.  As it is clear that Delhi is known as the capital of India andin such a big and advanced city, love problems remain on higher side. Therefore, a great number of Astrologers are required to solve love problems of the people.  An Astrologer plays a vital role in solving the problem of lovers.  An Astrologer or Vashikaran specialist makes every effort to meet both the lovers.Most of the people fall in love at the age of 18-20 and they don’t think anything else except love. It has also been seen that people are neglected, ignored and they do not get as much love in return as they give. Due to which isolation and abandonment enters into life which ultimately lead people into depression. All these things cause so muchpain which can only be understood by someone who has been through it. There are also so many lovers whose love is not allowed by the families and they have to end their relationship.  After the marriage lovers often decide to split and this decision changes many things for those people who are related to them. Astrology can help you in controlling the mind of a person by vashikaran speicalist in punjab.


To Choose Laser Hair Removal

Are you looking for a safe and painless alternative to shaving, tweezing and waxing, for removal of unwanted body hair? Well, here is some great news for you. Laser hair removal in Phoenix by leading skin care provider, Live Skin Health and Rejuvenation Center, offers the perfect hair removal solution. Hair removal with laser treatment phoenix is a medical procedure. A laser is used to send pulsating, intense beams of light into the hair follicle. The intense heat from the laser damages the follicle and inhibits future hair growth. To achieve lasting hair removal, more sessions may be required. Professionals at Live Skin share the top reasons why hair removal with laser treatment in Phoenix is so popular among clients.


Laser hair removal in Phoenix is a highly targeted and precise treatment. Lasers can be used to selectively target dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.This is not true of other hair removal methods that may harm surrounding skin such as razor burns in shaving and rashes in tweezing.


The laser treatment in Phoenix is a fast treatment. Each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time. The laser can treat an area approximately the size of a quarter every second. Small areas such as the upper lip can be treated in less than a minute, and large areas, such as the back or legs, may take up to an hour.The number of sessions required depends on the amount of hair being treated, the area being treated, and the doctor’s recommendations.


The Diode laser used for laser hair removal in Phoenix is high speed and virtually painless, which is just one of the things that make the laser treatment best. Laser treatment in Phoenix involves high speed laser hair removal that is long lasting.


Unlike other hair removal methods that need to be repeated every few days all your life, most patients experience a permanent hair loss after an average of three to seven sessions.Periodic maintenance may be required by some people. The number of sessions required will depend on the type of laser, body region treated, and the patient’s age, gender, hair type, and hair growth pattern.


Hair removal with laser treatment in Phoenix at Live Skin Health and Rejuvenation Center is a medical procedure performed by licensed professionals, making it safe. Many people have undergone laser hair removal with successful outcomes.


Tips For a New Moms

But once you get the hang of it, it gets simpler. Some may have to struggle to get the right feeding position, while others may find the latching on a painful process. Let’s address these concern here to help make breastfeeding a better experience – for both mom and baby.

When is the right time to start breastfeeding?

Immediately! You can start breastfeeding the moment your baby is in your arms. After child birth, the mammary gland secretes a special milk, also called the first milk or colostrums. This is loaded with antibodies and all essential nutrients that help babies fight infections.

How often should you feed your baby?

It is normal for babies to feel hungry every three hours. Yet, there are several babies who may require feeding at shorter intervals than this. The general rule is to feed the baby on demand. This may go up to 8-12 times a day. However, this changes as and when baby goes through growth spurts – which is around 3-6 weeks and again at 3 months and 6 months.

What’s the best position for breastfeeding?

There are many ways you could hold your baby while breastfeeding. You can choose what works for both of you. But do keep in mind, whatever position you decide, it should be easy on both you and the baby, without hurting or straining the baby.

The cradle and football positions are quite common. In the former, the baby head is in the crook of your elbow while your forearm supports baby’s back, the palm supports the bottom. The latter is a good position for mothers recovering from a caesarean. Here, the baby is tucked under your arm like a football and the head rests in the palm.

You can also consider feeding your baby while lying down.

Should I follow a special diet?

A breastfeeding mother needs all the extra calcium she can get along with a well-balanced, nutritional diet. This includes fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products like milk and cheese, bread, meat and whole grain cereals. It’s also important to drink lot of fluids to keep up the energy levels.

Apart from dairy products – foods like broccoli, sesame seeds and kale good sources of calcium.

It is common for a breastfeeding mother to feel hungry often. So there is no harm in snacking regularly, as long as you’re making healthy choices. Typically a breastfeeding mother needs about 300-500 calories more than usual. So it is important to keep this count as a drop in calories could affect your milk supply.

Is there anything that should I avoid?

If you’re smoking, nursing is a good reason to give up. Smoking can hamper milk production and the chemicals in the cigarettes can get into the milk through the milk ducts.

How can I increase milk supply?

Most new moms are worried about less or no milk. This is a misconception as only a small percentage of mothers are unable to produce any milk at all.

Milk production works on demand and supply. The more the baby sucks and the more you feed, more milk is produced. So, one of the best ways to increase milk supply is to feed more often.

Then, there are certain foods like garlic, fennel, spinach and carrot which are known to improve milk production. You can include these in your everyday diet.

How do you treat sore nipples?

Sore nipples are a bane of breastfeeding mothers. This happens when the baby does not latch properly. When this happens, ease the suction by inserting your finger in the corner of your baby’s upper lip.

To soothe a sore breast, you could apply olive or coconut oil in the affected area after feeding the baby.

How long should I breastfeed my baby?

Babies have to be exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months. Beyond that the nutritional value of the breast milk reduces.

A few things to keep in mind while breastfeeding

Don’t go by hearsay that breastfeeding is painful. If your baby has latched on properly and is in the right position, nursing doesn’t hurt.

Avoid using formulated creams to treat sore nipples. The chemicals in these can affect your baby and result in allergies. Instead use natural remedies like coconut or olive oil.

Don’t thrust your breast into the baby’s mouth, instead, bring your baby forward and direct it to the breast.