keep health when using a high heels

Every shoe loving women might have come across this question that how she can walk in high heels confidently without killing her feet. Well, walking in high heels is not that easy as it seems to be. You might have seen girls carrying themselves in high heels effortlessly, but there goes lots of practice behind it.  In this article, we are going to put light on several lifestyle and latest fashion trends and elaborate you several ways using which you can carry yourself in high heels confidently.

1. Find a right size shoe:- The most common mistake that most of the women make is not finding a shoe that fits them.  Your foot size changes, especially after having kids. Therefore, size your feet at least once in a year and then shop shoes according to the latest measurements of your foot. This can be a lifesaver when you purchase shoes online.

2. Prefer Thicker Heel:- Wearing a thicker heel tends to be more comfortable than pencil or pointed heels. This is because the  thicker heel provides better stability and relieve pressure by distributing the entire weight on your foot. This also provides you better balance.

3. Check Slope of the Heel:- Paying attention to the slope of the heel would solve half of your problems.  Look for heels that have a gradual slope rather than heels, which have a straight down the slope to the flatbed portion of the shoe.

4. Improve Posture:- Walking in high heels requires maintaining good posture.  If you slouch as you walk, the purpose of wearing heels would be defeated.  To improve your posture, you can imagine if there is an invisible string that hold your head upright.  Your head should be in line with your spine and chin.  Keeps your shoulders and arms relaxed as you walk.

5. Practice a little:-  If you are not comfortable wearing high heels, then you can practice around your house a little.  This way you will not only get used to them, but will also help you improve balance and posture.  Practicing regularly will make you walk normal with high heels on.

Those were several life saving tips that can help you walk in high heels confidently without killing or hurting your feet in either way.  For more information related to lifestyle and latest fashion trends, stay tuned with us. We are making an effort to bring to you the accurate and updated information to make your life even easier and simple.