How to To Increase Libido After Menopause

Low desire is extremely prevalent situation these days as women feel they are no more interested in getting physical with the life partner. There are many women who just do not want it as they are on a ‘switch off’ phase and others may be suffering from certain temporary side effects which are caused by life stressors e.g. new born baby or financial troubles. There are a number of things which can kill such desire and the person may feel normal remaining in the ‘off phase’, for months, while, the partner finds it difficult to handle or may feel neglected.

These phases of ‘no desire’ are not just common in women in 40s; instead, it is more common in women in 20s. These symptoms have far reaching effects as more than 70 percent of women having a low desire undergo difficult phases of interpersonal interactions and conjugal lives. Statistics indicate a number of women have self-confidence issues; poor self body image and poor connectivity with partner and suffer due to low desire phases. To increase libido after menopause and prevent these negative low desire phases in young women, they need to identify the indications.

Female dysfunction is not all mechanical. Menopause and aging can reduce the power of tissues and reduce moisture content in skin but desire can be high even in aging women. Rather it involves complex multi factorial things where the women may be undergoing stress or having neurotransmitter imbalance which can affect her desire. To increase libido after menopause and get rid of the problem of low desire out of the conjugal life, one can take herbal capsules which not only help to regain sexual desire but help in case of early loss of libido.

Herbal cures help to regain sexual desire in case of loss of desire caused by anxiousness and fatigue. The cures contain fine particles of certain minerals which help in reviving natural strength in tissues. Menopause is the condition when women undergo changes in the endocrine flow; suffer from hot flashes, dryness and night sweats which undermine natural drive and motivation to take part in lovemaking. The age related reduction in the flow of testosterone is also related to it, although researchers are still not clear about its role in determining the level of desire. The imbalance of estrogen and testosterone due to menopause can decrease desire and reduce natural erotic attraction towards lovemaking situations. To increase libido after menopause Kamni capsules can be taken which is made up of ingredients such as Lauh Bhasm, Abhrakh Bhasm, Nag Bhasm, Ras Sindoor etc.

Lauh bhasma is powdered iron, abhrakh bhasma is calcified mica, nag bhasma is lead calx and ras sindoor is mercury based ayurvedic preparation. Study on low desire in US showed about 10 percent of the women are facing issues in life due to low desire and the problem of lack of desire can happen at any age. The herbal bhasma are prepared through unique methods to help to increase libido after menopause. These mixed in the right ratio can revitalize the senses and cure inefficiency of the body to absorb minerals through foods.