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The cause of female infertility

akIn women, the infertility is the lack to get pregnant due unprotected intercourse for a period of more than a year. There is a finite number of eggs with whom females are born. The number and quality of these kept on declining as the progress of reproductive years. After  the age of 30, the chances of having a baby falling off by 3% to 5% every year.  The fertility reduction noted to a much larger extent after the age of 40.

Causes of Female Infertility

There are a lot causes of female infertility in India  founded recently. There are about 10% women between the age of 15 to 44 years faced this problem.  Some of the main reasons for this condition state below:

1. Damaged Fallopian Tubes: The contact between the egg and sperm are avoided if damage caused to the fallopian tubes. The main reasons for damage are pelvic surgeries, endometriosis and pelvic surgeries.

2. Cervical Reasons: This can be a reason for female infertility in a small majority of women. In this condition, the sperm stops to pass through the cervical canal. The causes of complication can be a cervical surgical procedure  or abnormal mucus production.

3. Hormonal Causes: Generally, this problem relates to the ovulation. The hormone’s change can lead to the discharge of an egg from the ovary. Additionally, it also causes the thickening of the uterus lining in preparation for the fertilized egg do not develop.

4. Premature Ovarian Insufficiency: This condition similar to early menopause and occurs in those females whose ovaries fail before the age of 40.

5. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: It is the main cause of infertility in females in which Herman imbalances caused due to interfere with normal ovulation.

6. Unknown Reasons: Still, the causes of infertility  are not known in more than 20% cases. It shows that the present technology are not enough to know the infertility reasons.

Infertility Treatment in India: The criteria of treatment mainly depend upon the potential causes of infertility.  Besides this, it also depends on the age and health of the person. The histories of both the partners are also used by the doctors in certain cases. Some of the common treatments of infertility in India are:

7. Medical Therapy:  In problems related to the evaluation, certain drugs such as gonadotropins or clomiphene citrate is prescribed. These drugs lead to the ovulation and enhancement of the fertility by creating multiple eggs during the cycle. In this case, only one egg is released every month.

8. Laparoscopy: In this treatment, a surgery undergoes for reconstruction of the organs by using a laparoscope. It is inserted near the belly button through a cut to remove the scar issue and ovarian cysts. The blocked tubes made also opened during treatment.

9. Intrauterine Insemination: The semen is collected and rinsed using a special solution in this treatment. During the ovulation time, it is placed into the uterus. By using a slender plastic catheter, the sperm are inserted into the uterus through the cervix. Sometimes, the treatment done along with the medical therapy stated above.


Elder care facilities Tips

When our aging parents feel alone and seems unable to take care of themselves. At this time we prefer senior home for the better future of our parents. Some children don’t have so much to take care of them and some don’t want to. Assisted living is new nursing home that don’t offers the fancy furniture like nursing homes and don’t have license unlike them. There are many thing that we must know about elder care facilities. Sometimes at the month ends or years end, we choose the long term living in hurry without knowing everything about them that causes serious problems in future.
Here are some things or aspects that we don’t know about senior homes, are as under:-
1. What assisted living provides- Most of the senior communities that call themselves elder care facilities provide the different level of care and offers nursing home like facilities but not all. are some provide excellent services that are facilitated in nursing homes. There is Palm Cottage that offers excellent services to its residents. Most of the communities care residents under strict environments.
2. Each community has unique personality- Each senior housing have unique personality in terms of services provided to its residents. Some communities have a more formal, traditional design sensibility, while others may have a more home-like, down to earth ambiance. Senior livings comes in different shapes and sizes. every community is licensed to care minimum 20 residents and some have hundreds of residents.

3. Different policies- Different communities have different policies with specific weight limits and restrictions, so it becomes important to do research. Some senior housing conduct interview to check whether persons is right for their community. It becomes necessary to best housing that suits for our loved ones.
4. Assisted living costs are lower than you think- Elder care homes are less costlier than nursing homes. Most commonly, they offer two bed rooms. If we want extra amenities then they get extra charges from us. That charges depends upon amenities they provide.
5. Assisted living is lot synonymous with nursing homes- Approximately every adult child consider homes for seniors most appropriate for their elder parents.some differences are:

     Assisted living are mobile while nursing homes are bed ridden.

    Nursing homes have single private rooms while assisted living have one- bed room    apartment.

6. Culturally diverse options- In most senior care homes all the residents don’t belong to same culture and religion. There is culture diversity in in elder care communities. We can find multiple people belong to different religions like Jewish , Persian etc.Some communities have only particular religion residents.
7. Assisted living dementia care- Most of the people in America suffers from Alzheimer’s dementia is disease of short term memory lose. Many elder care facilities provide memory care home with assisted living for dementia patients. Memory care is specialized assisted living that’s secure to protect residents, that has staff specially trained to care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia


How to terminate your pregnancy

Abortion is a term that is used for describing termination of pregnancy. Basically, it is a termination of pregnancy with the help of medicines and pills. These pills are approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration). These pills are famous with the name of abortion pills. Medical abortion is the preferred kind of termination of pregnancy during the few weeks of pregnancy. The medication that are used for the abortion purpose is is totally different from the “morning pill” or “emergency contraceptive pills” so, it is highly recommended that you should take full proof consultation with your Gynecologist or from good clinic who can guide you full about this step.

What medications used for medical abortion?

There are two medication used for medial abortion. Mifepristone & Misoprostol. These two medicines plays a vital role or main role in this treatment. These medicines are providing for the safe and effective termination of pregnancy.

How These Pills work?

Mifepristone is the first pill that you need to take it orally when you visit an abortion clinic for medical abortion process. Mifepristone helps in blocking the harmone which helps in maintaining the pregnancy. As it helps in blocking the harmone, it results in bleeding also. The second one tablet i.e. Misoprostol is taken under 24 to 72 hours later which helps in terminating the pregnancy. Generally it takes 8 hours after taking tablet. According to the doctors and experts, If your pregnancy is 8 weeks and lesser, medical termination of pregnancy is the best.

At the illinoisabortion Abortion Clinic, Gynecologist will explain how to take these pills in the safe way. they will take care about you on each and every steps. After conformation about termination of pregnancy, doctor would ask you to take medicine Mifepristone at the clinic, and after some time you might begin to bleed as it force harmone to stop work. After some time, they would ask you to take 2nd medicine i.e. Misoprostol after 24 to 72 hours. After taking Misoprostol, you might feel some uncomfortable. You might experience clotting and bleeding, cramping. Bleeding and clotting is differ from woman to woman and with this passing of large clots is a sign that the embryo has passed too.
For the safe termination, it is highly recommended to you to visit clinic after two weeks for review to make sure that your medication terminated our pregnancy in the desired way. Medical abortion is fully safe. Most of the women have no problem during all the process but exception is always there. Some women need aspiration abortion to completely clear the process of abortion.

Effects of medication in the termination of pregnancy.

Generally, there is no side effect of medical abortion. But due to the property of the tablets, you may have some sideeffects like bleeding, vomiting, heavy cramping and headaches. These side effects are no long term effects so no need to get worried about these all. The best thing is that women will not face any fertility problem with these Medical Abortion process.


Massage Therapy and Benefits

In today’s fast paced life people have no time to stop and relax themselves from the stress of daily life. Whether we are suffering from joint pains or headache, avoiding them is the first thing most of us do. A recent study states that a 60 minutes massage is equivalent to 7-8 hours of sleep. Massages also relieve stress from mind and body. One of such type of massage is Thai massage. Thai massage is a combination of ayurvedic techniques and principles and it has been influenced by traditional Chinese medicine.

Thai massage can be divided into 3 methods stretching and bending, Sen and meridian line compressing and acupressure. Stretching or bending is the mixture of massage and passive stretch. The whole purpose is to stretch muscle and ligaments of bones and joints. In sen and meridian is the wisdom of local practitioners after noticing the reaction of the body when using pressure along the energy line. In Acupressure deep pressure is applied onto the overlapping muscle. One of the unique things about Thai massage is that no oil is used and the recipients remain clothed during the treatment. The recipient is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes and lay on padded mat floor. A normal session of Thai massage usually last for 60- 120 minutes .The session includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. It consists of pulling and stretching of fingers, toes, ears walking on recipient back.

Thai massage has numerous benefits. First, it provides relaxation to muscle, ligaments and fascia by easing muscle tension. Second it dilates the blood vessel so that the blood circulation is increased which helps the body to rejuvenate and revive. Third, it stimulates the sensory nerves causing the central nervous system to reciprocate in a better way. Fourth, relieves stress and provides relaxation to the mind. The Thai massage detoxifies our body and boosts the immune system. Last but not the least it builds emotional balance centers mind and clear body and calm’s the mind.

If you are planning to get a Thai massage eat food which can be easily digested. Also, it is advisable to visit the spa for your massage session a little early to complete necessary formalities and calm yourself before massage. It is also important that your massage therapist has a complete background history of your health related problems. As Thai massage is not advisable in some medical illness. In case of any discomfort you should tell your massage therapist then and there. Those with a certain medical condition like infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds, people immediately after surgery, people after chemotherapy or radiation should avoid Thai massage. Especially Pregnant women should first consult with their doctors before getting a Thai massage. Pregnant women are advisable to get massage only from certified pregnancy massage therapist.