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Tips to have a Healthy Pregnancy

Being pregnant with twin babies can be extremely exciting for a couple. It becomes all the more elating if the couple has conceived through an infertility treatment instead of getting pregnant normally as at a stage where they could not even have a single baby, they are having twins!

However, a multiple pregnancy is amongst the riskiest forms of pregnancies. There are much higher chances of loss of pregnancy or miscarriage apart from the array of adverse effects it could have on the health of the mother.

But the good news is that there are ways by which one can ensure that they themselves and their pregnancy is healthy, as asserted by IVF doctors from the best test tube baby hospitals in Delhi.

Following the below mentioned tips can help women pregnant with twins maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy tremendously-

1. Check what and how much you eat:

Mothers-to-be are bombarded with suggestions regarding their diet. Some recommend eating twice the amount of food they ate before getting pregnant, while some say that they must eat less spicy or “hot” food and more. When it comes to singleton babies, eating for two is unnecessary. According to IVF specialists in Delhi, a pregnancy with a single baby requires not more than 300 kcal (kilo calories) extra in the mother’s diet.  Nevertheless, when a woman is pregnant with twins or more, then the food consumption must increase to at least 3,500 kcal in totality. In such a case, the mother must eat enough to promote the normal growth of her child. Hence, maintaining a steady weight while eating according to the baby’s demands helps in the maintenance of one’s pregnancy greatly.

2. Do not panic:

The women pregnant with twins are scared to death with horror stories, high risk factors and much more regarding twin pregnancy that they get to know about from several sources. These poor women spend their days panicking and being immensely anxious rather than relaxing and being positive. Yes, there are greater risks with a twin pregnancy. But there are also equal chances of delivering healthy and beautiful babies. A plethora of women have successfully done that over the numerous years of humanity. Pregnant women must stay affirmative and gather knowledge about twin pregnancy from reliable and trustworthy sources that would imbue in them practical and realistic knowledge rather than exaggerated nightmarish risk factors. They must remain in contact with an efficient practitioner as well as an obstetrician who can guide them through pregnancy related complications and troubles.

3. Rest is very important:

There is no doubt that pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body from all perspectives. This strain in multiplied in a multiple pregnancy. This also means that the requirement of rest and relaxation increases even more. Hence, women pregnant with twins must make it a point to take time out of their busy schedules to take rest for at least 30 minutes. One can lie down on the bed and straighten their back, read their favorite book, listen to relaxing music, look at old pictures or indulge in a hobby that makes them happy and helps them unwind.


How to get relief from your aching feet

Following a hectic day, it is pleasant to have the capacity to sit or lay and unwind. In the event that you have been on your feet throughout the day, your leg and feet muscles are drained and exhausted. In the event that you have been practicing with incredible recurrence or effort, the greater part of your muscles are tight and sore. An unwinding leg massage might be exactly what you have to extricate up and recover your muscles into working request.

Your aching feet needs care

You don’t in any case need to pay an authorized massage advisor so as to feel better. You can give yourself a massage concentrated on your legs and feet by buying a massage ball that are easily available online. It essentially takes a couple of minutes and learning of some key pressure points to all together feel restored and revived.

Some regulated directions to get an unwinding leg massage:

1. Take after the shape of your leg with both hands. Make sure to apply pressure, with one hand on the outside of the leg and the other within. Start with the foot and work your way up to your thigh. Observe weaknesses and work those muscles with consideration. Rehash this movement a few times, no less than five.

2. While rubbing your thigh, give careful consideration to the huge muscle bunch. Work the muscles with consideration. This movement will get blood flowing to this zone of the leg so that the drained muscles can heal.

3. Exchanging hands, solidly stroke the thigh starting with simply over the knee.

4. With a held clench hand in both hands, utilize your knuckles to massage your upper thigh. In the event that you have been sitting for a drawn out stretch of time, this will circle blood stream and make your legs feel rested.

5. The whole range of the knee can likewise be massaged alongside your leg massage. Delicately with your fingertips, massage your knee in a little round movement.

6. With both hands, fix your calf muscle far from the leg bone and release. Do this same movement over and again until it feels casual and free.

Massage therapy is the best option to get a healthy foot.

You might need to fuse a massage ball or other device to apply significantly more pressure. Make sure to listen to your body when giving yourself a leg massage and know when to sop and not overdo the massage therapy for perfect relaxation.


Know That Abortion Become More Common For A Planned Family

Ending of pregnancy with removing the embryos or fetus before it survives in the uterus is called as the Abortion. Natural Abortion is called as the miscarriage that occurs mostly in the unhealthy embryos or fetus. The Abortion could be caused by purposely which is called as the Induced Abortion or the Less Frequently induced miscarriage. The name abortion is useful for inducing the abortion with the similar procedure before the fetus survives and the procedure is called as the “Late Termination of Pregnancy”. A report suggests that there are more than 56 millions of Abortions takes place every year around the world and under half done cases are unsafe. Causes for abortion could be of anything that includes birth control, Planned Parenthood, miscarriage and many more. Almost 40% of the world’s women are accessing the legal abortion without any limits and the ration keeps on rising. Countries that are permitting the abortion have different limits about the period of late pregnancy abortion allowed. Choosing the best abortion clinics in Mumbai is important for getting the safe procedures of treating the abortion and it would be useful for health benefits.

Reasons For Abortion:

Women choose the Abortion procedures for various reasons that also includes the Contraceptive failure. It is the most common reasons to choose the abortion and more than half women are accessing the abortion clinics in Mumbai for contraceptive reasons during the months they became pregnant. Some women who do not have the support or care for the child are also cited for the choosing the abortion. Numerous medical reasons are also there for the abortion but they are not common that lead to the difficult choice for pregnant woman. Women having the serious medical problem that could also mean the risk of injury or death also choose the abortion for preventing the birth of a child. It is said that all the child must be a wanted or cared child. Although abortion or killing a child in its womb is apart from nature and religious belief, most people choose the planning of abortion due to the inconvenience to raise a child under certain circumstances that could be physical, physiological or financial. Abortion is also legally provided with the legal permits and the abortion must be done within 20 weeks of pregnancy. Although many women can successfully carry pregnancy without any risk for their health and health of baby, some medical conditions could lead to make difficult decisions to have a healthy baby. When a woman is facing pregnancy in circumstances that includes Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders, HIV, AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases then it could lead to complicated situations of pregnancy. Abortions are also done for preserving the mental health of mother under any conditions. Longer the hormonal birth control of a woman, it would lower the Ovarian and Endometrial cancer as these are the top killers of women.

When Doctors Agree To Abortion?

In India, Abortions are legal and it would be under several terms and conditions so that it is necessary to consult the doctor when you are preparing for the abortion. There are many number of abortion clinics in Mumbai available but it is necessary to consult the doctors who have more experience in the treatment. Doctors agree to the terms of abortion act only when they believe that they learns that

  • The pregnancy would involve in more risk of mental or physical health
  • The pregnancy involves in greater risk for the life of both child and mother
  • Existing children of yours would likely to suffer when pregnancy continues
  • Substantial risk for the child that it would be seriously handicapped or deformed

Tips for Choosing The Right Maternity Hospital

When your pregnancy is confirmed, it is necessary to plan for choosing the best maternity hospitals that offers various services in the excellent manner. Safety of our newborn child is most important so that it is necessary to plan everything perfectly. There are many reasons to choose the best maternity hospitals in the city for our pregnancy delivery. The hospital that you choose will probably points out to the doctor so that it is necessary to get the doctors consultation instantly. Most people choose the hospital and then they find gynaecologist or obstetrician in the hospital whilst others chooses gynaecologist first. Normally, most of the gynaecologists will be affiliated to a maternity hospital and often the obstetricians are affiliated to several hospitals. Choosing the right hospital having many facilities are important so that it is quite useful to make sure our child is safe. Both the obstetrician and hospital for your delivery is most important so that they aids in the emergency situations.

Qualified Maternity Hospital:

One of the biggest concern for finding the right hospital is that whether the new born baby will be well looked after birth. There are also many things to consider based on the facilities available in the hospital for any kind of emergency. Choosing the maternity hospitals with higher reputation would be a right choice so that they have the expert doctors, support staff and offer the quality services. Having the feedback about the maternity hospital would be important for the selecting the hospital and it is quite useful to get all the facilities. Some doctors and nurses offer their service with love and care so that it is quite useful for the child and mother. Finding about the reputation of the hospital is most important and it is convenient to look in their official websites. Having a good idea of background about the medical staff, facilities offered, financial backing and many more, it would be easier for choosing the best maternity hospitals. Normally the maternity hospitals must have various facilities that include comfortable bed, safe cribs or baby beds, delivery ward, neonatal intensive care unit, obstetric surgery unitand many more safety precautions. The hospital with high ranking usually have the qualified doctors, nurse, staffs and many more for providing proper care for the patient.

Caring Staffs:

The Maternity Hospital is the hospital that is specialized in caring for the women who are pregnant as well as in childbirth. The maternity hospitals provide appropriate care for the newborn infants in the extensive manner. Normally, a Hospital could only be good when it offers the good medical staff for the patients to get good facilities. The Doctors and Nurses attends to the patient instantly in the ward so there is no need to worry. Apart from other Maternity Hospitals, all the patients are monitored completely with high tech medical systems and security devices. The safety of the patients both mother and child is important and they are given a loving care to the maximum. Normally Love and Care is a good medicine for a patient so the doctors and nurse handle the patients in the best manner. Before choosing the hospital, it would be useful to take a tour around the hospital and observe the medical staffs like obstetrician, nurses, paediatrician and others. The staffs also help you to gain more confidence as well as comfort level in the ward. Each and every baby is handled with care and the management makes sure that the infants are handled with much care.